2 years since i’ve written?? really???

well a lot has happened in 2 years but if you think I can remember what, you’re sadly mistaken!  My mind is not as sharp as it used to be at all, that’s what happens when you get older, u lose your mind as well as control of your bladder. TMI?? of course it is but that’s me, Im an open book and seriously at the point in m life where I don’t care what people think of me. The trouble it has gotten me in is really not worth mentioning because as I said I don’t care, love me or don’t i’m not changing for anyone! I can say my kids obviously have gotten older, duh it’s been 2 years, isn’t that the title of this topic? My daughter is still driving me nuts and my son enjoys torturing me with his jokes and inappropriate topics that I have no idea where he got from. He is so me it’s really not funny as I am scared! I can see it now, knock knock, who is it? police we are here for your son, he’s upstairs let me go get him. what did he do? well ma’am a prank on a teacher, that’s my boy! We disected a frog and put the parts in our teachers desk, hid her erasers, put a playgirl in her desk with the centerfold open, threw her chalk out the window, that was the first semester. My asses imprint is still in the hallway I am sure. I put my parents thru hell with school and i guess payback is a bitch, my only saving grace (see what I did there??) is that my parents didn’t speak english and i got the mail and phone calls and I do an excellent italian lady impression! They never knew, it was great but now ii am suffering the consequences

My aunt’s eulogy

Today was a very emotional day for me. I said goodbye to one of the sweetest people I have ever known and that I loved dearly. I don’t remember crying this hard in a long time, cleansed my soul. We were all just together for our family reunion, less than a week ago and we gathered again today on a very different emotion. I was asked to write the eulogy but in the end due to miscommunication is was never read. So on behalf of my family who wanted to read it, here it is:

What can I say about my Zia Ignazia? She was one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Always greeting you with a smile, always happy. I remember going to her house on Colvin as a little girl. The aunts in the kitchen, the uncles playing briscola (only coins, we never saw dollar bills) at the dining room table with the plastic tablecloth covering the good lace one and the kids running around playing. I also remember Sundays driving to Ontario bakery, buying the good bread and some mortatella and going to eat ni li scuri. To this day I don’t know the correct name of that park but it is beautiful there. Then there were our picnics, where we would load up the car all of us food and black rock pop in tow and bbq at the park. Of course an Italian bbq is a lot different than an American one. I asked Zia Ignazia once where are the hot dogs and hamburgers ,as she pulled out a huge pot to boil water for pasta and she said Ma chi hamburgi e hotta dog? Natri samo Taliani e taliani mangiano pasta e sasitza, ok? I never asked again. I also remember very fondly, making sauce in her basement. Yes I said basement because in an Italian family, we have 3 kitchens, 1 in the house, 1 in the basement and 1 in the garage because one can never have too many. Uncle Joe always helped make the sauce, he grew the tomatoes, picked them, carried them in and the aunts would do the rest. The sweet smell of sauce will forever be embedded in my mind. I don’t ever remember Zia Ignazia raising her voice or yelling. Well one time, she blamed me for something I am sure Rosalie did and told her mother it was me and she said “crazy, cuz she didn’t know how to pronounce Gracie, natra volta e ti dunu botte, ok??” I never saw that side of her again and I still don’t know what it was about. Then there was the never ending St Joesphs table, which she and my uncle hosted every year. She would wear her Viva San Giuseppe apron proudly and run around making sure everything was done perfectly and everyone had food. So much food, so many people and we all fit very comfortably in their house.

Life was so simple back then.

As I got older and became a mom myself. I lived down the street and would walk Ryan down to her house every day starting in the spring until it would get cold out. We would sit in the garage and just talk. Uncle Joe, Zia Ignazia and myself. She would call Ryan, Rhino cuz she couldn’t say Ryan and then yell at me for giving him a name she couldn’t pronounce. Nonna used to call him Why but that’s a whole other story. How they loved Ryan and loved seeing him everyday, just as they both loved everyone in the family.

ZIa Ignazia would always pray the rosary. Always went to church. Had very strong religious beliefs. I know that it all paid off because God reserved a special place in Heaven just for her and that is with my Uncle Joe. Where I know the two of them are together again, smiling and holding hands like they did when they were here. I also know they loved all of us and will be looking down and watching to make sure we are all ok.

You touched us in wondrous ways. We wish you peace and love. Until we meet again,

we will carry you in our hearts.

Turning 40..it’s just a number

Well, my 40th year is almost over and I have to say It started off rough and I almost didn’t make it to 41 but someone was at my side, watching over me. Having that happen has changed my outlook on life. Maybe I got some smart person’s blood in me when I had my transfusion:) Anyways, let’s start with my 40th bday, surrounded my friends, a stripper(he was awesome), a limo and Lance Diamond, I mean really. I haven’t been in the bar scene in 20 years and boy does it show. If my daughter ever dresses like these girls do I will lock her in her room til she’s 40. WOW! Leave some for the imagination, Jesus. That’s why we went to the Elmwood Lounge, more people my age. Felt way more comfortable there. Fast forward to Feb  when I knew something wasn’t right. Walked into the dr’s office and he got scared when he looked at me and said you are severely anemic, that was on Friday. Went where I can always have a good time, to my friend Rob’s comedy club where I saw a great act which i can now say is also my friend, John DiCrosta. If u ever get a chance to see his act, I promise you will not be disappointed. Side splitting, cheek and stomach hurting for 2 days. Then there’s Dan who is a regular there and he also can make me crack a smile at any given time and of course Rob, who I adore and he just lights up a room wherever he goes..enough about the comics in my life but they took my mind off of things for a few hours, thanks guys:) K, where was I? Oh yeah, Sunday phone rings at 815am my dr, not a good sign. My blood count is 6 normal is 12. He is surprised with my workout routine that I haven’t had a heart attack yet. Up my iron pills to 3 a day and call your primary. Fine called him Monday and he sent me to Kenmore Mercy for blood check. Went back in tuesday morning, 6 hours blood transfusion. Well that sucked. I made friends with the nurses, who got me whatever I wanted:) Phone was ringing off the hook with friends and family calling to check on me. I told them to hold my calls as I was busy:) Wierdest feeling a transfusion, so cold and all alone in a hospital. Thank God for Facebook and my laptop as I was chatting with I have no idea how many people at once but it made the time fly but I will never forget the cold..creepy. So Tuesday is gone, wait a few days, friday go in for more blood work. Seems to be better but they need to stop my monthly hemmoraging or I would have to do it all over again, hence the ablasion. Knock on wood it has worked and I have been healthy ever since. So turning 40 was not a pleasant experience at all at first. I started feeling better and not so tired in March and that’s when life began. I have been living everyday like it’s my last. Yeah the kids and Joe and my family drive me insane, daily but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have made a ton of new friends this year, for some reason people flock to me and I can talk to anyone and I am thankful that people feel that comfortable around me. I have tried things I have never tried before and I am having the time of my life so I say…bring on 41 I look forward to meeting you:)

My parents

So I went for a visit today, after my mom gave me a guilt trip and started crying cuz I wouldn’t go visit. She’s good at that. We drove the 20 minutes to go to my old neighborhood which I miss so much and ate lunch there. I looked at them and boy are they getting old. My mom who has always been healthy and walked everywhere cuz God forbid we get a license, now can’t move the way she once did. My dad, although almost 80 he is still knocking things down and rebuilding. New project, new fig tree house. I think it’s the 10th house he has built for those figs in 17 years! Never mind the inside of the house that is in desperate need of painting and repair, who cares?? Figs are wayy more important! So goes the same discussion as always, dad whispers stuff about my mom while she is in the other room and fills me in on all the stuff she has done for the week, cuz you know he is perfect and does no wrong. My mom comes in the room and says what are you two talking about as she is wearing a yellow/black shirt that was mine in 6th grade. My dad asked her where she left her horse cuz it looks like a jockey uniform. They drive me crazy and I am stressed when I am there but I know that the day will come when I won’t be able to go and visit anymore for they won’t be here. I am not looking forward to that day. I am sad just thinking about it. Then all I will have is all these stories and things they did, enough to fill a book…Salute

End of summer…almost

Ok, I seriously don’t know what I am doing but I have a lot to say and thought I would write it all down. Summer is coming to an end and I am both happy and sad. Happy that my life will go back to normal without these, kids up my ass at every turn. I am so sick of hearing I’m bored, can i have a friend over, make me lunch…make your own lunch:) My house is always chaos, kids everywhere. I need a break. My poor husband works all day and comes home to a house full of either kids or me bitching..Maybe he needs to work some OT.

Granted this chaos only lasts through the summer. I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom for almost 10 years so really I have 9 months off. I shouldn’t complain but I will, i always do. Because on school days then it’s homework, projects, book reports. Why do I have to read Diary of a Wimpy kid, all 7 of them? I’ll tell you why. Because I want to make sure he’s doing it right and has all the facts. Yeah, I’ve “helped” with some of his projects, so what? My parents are immigrants from Italy, never read me a bedtime story and if I needed help with a word they would answer by saying “you go to school, you should know, checca (which means jackass). Yes, I have very loving and supportive parents but I’ll save those stories for another day.

That’s it for now. Don’t know if I will continue to do this because it really is just another excuse for me to be online. I should really get out more…anyone wanna babysit????